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Greening Your Carpet Cleaning Chemicals   full story...

Grouping Carpet Cleaning Chemicals   full story...

Greening Your Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

One of today's hot topics is "Greening your business." Everyone is talking about the environment. Can today's carpet cleaning chemicals be "Green" and yet work effectively?

The short answer is "Yes" !

Unfortunately, there are many products out there that just focus on "Green" and don't worry about cleaning effectiveness. However, if you choose the right product, you can find "Green" carpet cleaning chemicals out there that are both environmentally friendly and effective. Some "Green" products will even work better than there non-green counterparts.

When choosing a "Green" product, look for one that has performance data to back it up. Most professional carpet cleaners will not choose a "Green" product if it doesn't work. What good is "Greening" your business, if your business will suffer because of ineffective products. One such performance symbol is the CRI Approval mark (Carpet & Rug Institute). This mark on a product shows that the product went through 3rd party performance data to show cleaning ability. Obviously, you also want to look for a "Green" mark on the product. Green Seal is one such 3rd party organization that certifies that a product is "Green." A product with the Green Seal Certification mark on it is recognized by just about all major governmental and private organizations as being a "Green" product.

Using "Green" products have many benefits not only to the environment but also to your revenues. Using "Green" products can open up new marketing avenues to your business. Survey your client base. Many would prefer you using "Green" products. Some potential customers may even choose a professional carpet cleaner based on the fact that they use environmentally friendly products.

Once you have decided to start using "Green" carpet cleaning chemicals, you will need to search for an effective product. Hopefully, your choice will not only help you "Green" your business but will also improve cleaning results and decrease your overall cleaning costs. This website recommends Code: Green by CleanCraft Products, Inc.

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