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Greening Your Carpet Cleaning Chemicals   full story...

Grouping Carpet Cleaning Chemicals   full story...

Grouping Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Professional carpet cleaners are noticing that manufacturers are “grouping” their carpet cleaning chemicals for specialized cleaning purposes. Is this "Grouping" beneficial for the carpet cleaning industry, or is it producing more confusion & expenses for the professional carpet cleaner?

As a professional carpet cleaner, you may have learned that you need to use many carpet cleaning chemicals to clean carpeting. You should first choose a pre-spray to spray down the entire carpet. If you have bad traffic areas, you should choose a traffic-lane cleaner to spray down. Then, in many cases, an extraction detergent is used. If you used too high of a ph product as a pre-spray, you need to use a rinsing agent. Finally, when you run across spots & stains, you need to pull out different spotting agents (depending on what type of stain it is - oh ya, first take some time identifying the stain). Add up all these products and your business begins to look like a chemical company.

Now, let's ask the question of who benefits from this type of grouping? - certainly, not the professional carpet cleaner. The professional carpet cleaner just spent a fortune on many different kinds of carpet cleaning chemicals. Obviously, the manufacturer & distributor will benefit from this type of arrangement. Does it really need to be this way???

Here is an inside secret that many manufacturers do not want you to know. Many products out there are actually what you call "duplicates." Some manufacturers will make a product and call it "Product A: Extraction Detergent." The manufacturer will then bottle the same product as "Product B: Pre-Spray." The manufacturer and/or distributor will sell you the same product twice - once as an extraction detergent and once as a pre-spray. The labels on the gallon just give different descriptions, instructions, and dilution ratios. Why can't there just be one product sold out there that calls itself both a pre-spray and extraction detergent and give you the instructions & dilution ratios on how to use it both ways right on the bottle !!

Well, this website has found a company that will sell you one product for multiple purposes. CleanCraft Products, Inc. You can visit their website at:

Here is a link to CleanCraft's carpet cleaning chemical listing: Carpet Cleaning Chemicals.

Here is a link to their new product "Code: Green" an All-in-One Carpet Cleaning Agent that can be used for Pre-Spray, Extraction, Traffic-Lanes, and Spot & Stain removal with no rinsing required. Think of the time & money savings! : Code: Green.

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